Electronic design services

Your ideas and innovations are important – Engineer Simplicity helps you, and your company, turn those ideas into into real products. We specialise in the design and development of electronic products which solve real world problems and challenges.

Our electronic design services will help you to,

  • Develop a new product to sell.
  • Create a prototype for a patent application.
  • Solve an internal problem to make your business run better and more profitably.
  • Create a prototype to help raise capital funding.

One customer had this to say about our services,

Everyone so far has been very impressed by both the quality, ease of use and reliability – so a very big thank you for all your efforts on this and congratulations on a superb product.

David Kaplen – Prism Payment Technologies

The process of creating a new product may seem simple,

Idea → Design →  Produce → Profit

but is really more like this,

Problem → Idea → Concept → Design → Prototype → Refine → Produce → Profit

Engineer Simplicity smooths that path by applying experience and ingenuity to your ideas, problems and products. We help you to make sure that your product gets to market as soon as possible so that you can get on with making a profit.

Developing a new product is more than just making the electronics work, it is about designing a system to solve a problem in the best possible way. We put lots of time and energy into ensuring that working with our products is a pleasure for our clients. Complexity is avoided wherever possible as we work hard at engineering simplicity into your products.

Another client said this,

I do appreciate your work as well, especially the quality thereof, and I’m sure we’ll be doing more in the year to come.

Stephan Thiel – Hex Microsystems

The electronic design process involves,

  • Developing a system concept that you are happy with.
  • Drawing the electronic schematics.
  • Laying out a printed circuit board.
  • Building a prototype.
  • Testing to make sure that everything works as expected.
  • Implementing any refinements required.
  • Setting up the production process.

Through the whole process we interact with you continuously to ensure that your vision is realised.

Your ideas are important and deserve to become a reality. Are you ready to create something remarkable?

Contact us now so that we can get started. All communications are private and confidential.

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